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Which course should you choose?

The most common question is what is the difference between our courses, so here you will find a short and summarized explanation about our courses and the difference between them.

Private coaching: this course is available for both companies and creators, it is for you who want private coaching by phone/video conference to take your social media and/or sales to new heights.

Online course social media: this course is available for both companies and creators, it is for you who want to have a course delivered digitally and perform at your own pace online. The course gives you all the tools you need to create content on social media, start making money online, increase your sales, read statistics, reach the right target group and/or customers. And much more!

Social media coach: this is available as three different packages and is aimed at both companies and creators, it is a tailored package with both online course and private coaching based on the customer's needs. This is a more advanced and designed 2 in 1 course and coaching for you who want to get the maximum effect from your social media and/or your online sales.

Canva course: this course is for everyone! For those who already work with social media and design, for those who run small or large companies or just want to learn more about creating stylish and professional designs online! The course is designed for both you as a beginner and for those who want to get even better at designing in Canva. The course is delivered digitally and is carried out at your own pace.

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