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About us, our story and the team.

We have had the chance to work with many amazing companies and clients. From setting strategic goals to customer experience strategies, we carefully review the needs of each project and tailor our work accordingly.

We have more than 8 years of experience, but started our business in 2022, and since then we have gathered the skills and expertise required to take businesses to the next level. We believe that nothing is out of reach if we let our minds run free and dare to be bold and innovative. Check out our website and social media to get an idea of which projects we've worked on. Do you want to know more? Get in touch today for a free meeting.

About us


Moon Agency was started on Instagram by a social media manager who then got help from other influencers, together ideas started coming in from every little corner and suddenly there were big plans to help other influencers and companies grow on their social media.

We help companies save time, create engagement and content. We also organize competitions to help you reach a huge amount of new followers, increase your reach and get better engagement on your social media. We also help you individually with your wishes, if you need help with ideas, design and a more attractive flow on your channels. For companies that are curious about organizing an event to reach millions of new people, we are here!


We are always open to your suggestions and wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our story


The idea behind Moon Agency is to help both companies and influencers grow on social media, big and small. Social media is growing at rocket speed and is today the biggest and most important source for reaching out to other people. Through social media, we can get our message across, market our company and get in touch with the target group that suits us. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how and where to start, then we are here for you!



Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

- Moon Agency Media

Get to Know Us

Below you will find more information about us in the team, our strengths and work areas. If you have more questions or concerns, contact us directly via the button below or click on to our social media further down.


CO and founder

Founder of Moon Agency Media. Works as a travel influencer, content creator, social media coach, PR and event coordinator.

Angelique has worked with social media, marketing and as a creator for many years. She has several years of experience helping companies grow on social media. Her main focus is to help companies grow, get an increased clientele and a more attractive impression on mainly Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


She also has a great passion for web design and the design of advertising material. In addition to this, she is a perfectionist through and through, which makes her good at planning, coaching and organizing events.

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